The Bare Minimum Reading for a Project Manager

A project manager who loves reading is at a great advantage.  There is a lot to read when you are a project manager: The contract (you better read it!), progress reports, emails, change requests, specs, etc etc.

In addition to what a project manager has to read for projects work, there is reading to learn and build knowledge.  I believe everything a project manager reads can help build knowledge, even fiction, and I am not referring to rigged progress reports here 🙂

There are books that a project manager must read.  Here are ten that a Project Manager is missing a lot if missed any of them:

– PMBOK, latest edition (fifth as of today)

– The Four Agreements, Miguel Ruiz

–  The five temptations of a CEO (or manager for the european version, but it is the same book),  Patrick Lencioni

–  The One Minute Manager, Kenneth Blanchard & Spencer Johnson

–  Winning, Jack Welch

– Art of War, Sun Tzu

– On Being a leader, Warren Bennis

– The Goal, Eli Goldratt

– WoW Projects, Tom Peters

– Project Management: A Systems Approach to Planning,
Scheduling, and Controlling Harold, Ph.D. Kerzner.

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  1. Art of War?! Are you sure it is for a “civil” project manager? May be for project managers in the “Military” industry 🙂

  2. Quite interesting and informative as usual Ammar, thanks a lot. I’ll add to them a few which I also think are useful:
    1- The Lazy Project Manager- Peter Taylor
    2- The Alpha Project Manager- Andy Crowe
    3- No Non-sense advice for successful projects- Neal Whitten

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