Thirty-ingredient recipe for successful projects

Projects require certain ingredients for success.  They do not guarantee success, but the more you have of these ingredients the better are the project success chances.  Here are the top 30 ingredients I see in successful projects.  All of them are important, but the lower the number the higher the importance.  How many of these does your project and its environment have?

30 User Friendly Collaborative Web Based Software
29 Document Management
28 Issues & Risk Management
27 Control, Progress Analysis &Reporting
26 Project Baseline (especially WBS, WBS dictionary, and Schedule)
25 Project Charter
24 Project Management Training (Preferably on Custom Methodology)
23 Project Methodology
22 Team Buy-in
21 Project Management Awareness
20 Communication Planning and Management
19 Big Picture view of project
18 Project Awareness & Marketing
17 Engaged Subject Matter Experts
16 Skilled Project Manager
15 Capable PMO
14 Engaged Client
13 Engaged Project Sponsor
12 Cross Organizational Project Steering Committee
11 Upper Management Support
10 Clear Project Objectives
9 Good business case
8 Positive Attitude
7 Trust
6 Fairness
5 Clarity
4 Honesty
3 Integrity
2 Competence
1 Good Intentions

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  1. Good article, but I personally see that “Good business case” comes first in terms of importance. If there were no good business case for the project, why would it be started in the first place?

  2. Hi Ammar,

    I would also add god leadership is a factor for project success – but it is encapsulated in the last 8 ingredients.

    This post would be a hit on PM Hut as all project managers love these quick lists. I would really love to republish it on PM Hut and I would like to ask your permission to do so.

    Please either email me or contact me through the contact us form on the PM Hut website in case you’re OK with this.


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