Leave these chips off your shoulder before heading to work

A chip on a shoulder is a problem that one carries around from his past that causes issues and quarrels with others.  It is an idiom used to describe people who have issues.  There are “chips” that many carry to work and can stand in the way of your career and professionalism.  Do you carry any of these?

10. Favoritism: Your neighbor, family member, or a friend deserve the best from you but should never be a basis for preferential treatment at work.

9. Personal Problems: While it is good to confide in a close friend, you do not want to be seen as the person with all the personal problems at work.  Many will hesitate to put you in responsible positions if you do.  Some will prefer to stay away from you and label you as trouble.  I believe sharing with a close friend once in a while is OK but for persona problems to become the center of your conversation at work is a faux pas.

8. Cigarettes: If you are a smoker, it will be hard to for you to accept this truth: Smoking is a liability for business: it takes time, smells, and leads to development of a smokers’ joint outside the office doors.  no one likes that, trust me even if no one admits it.  If you really must smoke, leave the pack of cigarettes at home, your lungs will thank you and you will come across more professional and cordial.

7. Drama: Some stage every single contact at work as if they are on a movie set.  Everything said has a hidden meaning, every move from someone means something.  You lose focus and let us face it, one becomes very annoying and hard to deal with.

6. Personal Biases: We have a preference for those who talk in a certain way, or carry a certain opinion, or even style their hair a certain way.  All of this might fly outside work, but at work it will come back to haunt you.

5. Prejudice:  Passing general judgments about people because of race, religion, origin, are all prejudices that we can do without.  Deal with people on merits and do not hold them responsible for your personal preconceived notions of how they are or they will behave.  So unfair.

4. Political opinions: This is one of the biggest differences I find between middle eastern workplace and western workplace.  Political affiliations and politics in general is not a good topic to discuss at work.  Stay away from politics at work.

3. Narcissism:  For some it might be a shocker, but it is not all about you.  Narcissism gets people in trouble and most of the problems they blame on others can be traced to their own narcissism.

2. Temperament: No one needs you to put them down, by physical, verbal, or subliminal gestures.  It is really degrading to self more than others when people put others down.  What kind of self-respect does one have if he or she believes he has to put others down?

1. Ego:  Ego will convince you that you are in danger of others plotting against you, taking credit from you, hating you, etc etc.  Do not listen to ego.  Ego is the sound in the back of your mind that wants to warn you and keep you scared from everything and everybody in the world.


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