My Teachers

Remember the last time you sat down with someone who made you feel uncomfortable? In general, most, including myself, try to avoid these interactions and prefer the company of people who make one feel comfortable.  However, the not-so-positive interactions are inevitable and no matter how hard one tries, they are bound to happen.  What is hard to do is to remember during these encounters that these uncomfortable interactions can teach one a lot about self.

After all, being uncomfortable is more a personal thing than it is about the other person who is causing this feeling. There is a reason one is feeling uncomfortable and sometimes it has nothing to do with the other person.  It can be that the person brings back tough memories, or they look like someone who hurt you in the past.  Or maybe, there something in that personality that makes others feel inferior.  Regardless of the reason, it is evident that these encounters can teach us a lot about ourselves, and these people who we feel uncomfortable around can be our best teachers, and our chance to gain more wisdom.

What is funny and yet sad is that it is hard to remember to keep a positive attitude when around people who make one feel uncomfortable.  All one thinks about is when will he or she leave?  I think part of the problem is our refusing to have the feelings we are having.  Our ego jumps in and tries to save us from the situation by interpreting everything we see and hear as a dangerous attack on ourselves.  If we just sit and listen and observe our thoughts and feelings in these situations, without letting them disturb our peace, we can come closer to learning the lesson these people are here to teach us.

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