To Jump or not to Jump…

In consulting, there is a common saying: “If the customer says “Jump” you say “how hi?”.” And if you are really good in playing your role, you say it while jumping.  This conformity to rules never works for some.  They will not jump.  Unless they feel inclined to.  They will not jump just because the role says jump.  This usually brings anger, surprise, and sometimes retaliation from audience.  It is a small price, to these non conformers, for being original, and for being willing to dance to a different tune.

Most people have accepted a role and a way of behavior based on that role, and expect you to do the same; play the role, be the role, and act accordingly.  Many will even be angry with you when you do not perform to their preconceived script.  Some on the other hand shrug their shoulders and refuse to play.  

In the same context, presentations are called “dog and pony” shows for a reason; participants and presenter come in with preset roles and expectations, and each is supposed to play the role.  Some refuse to play or be the role.  Some conform out of fear of losing status, clients, money, or out of fear of being rejected by others.  However proponents of this “originality” school say that new things come from those who decided not to jump, and do something totally unexpected.  They set the trend.

It is a choice everyone makes at every moment and in every interaction.  So the next time you hear “JUMP,” it is your choice! 





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