World Citizens

Some are world citizens.  They are everywhere, and you can know them by certain traits:

  1. The world citizen is not labeled by a nationality.  They are human beings.  And they look at the world as their home.  Not bound by a country nor an ethnicity.
  2. They believe what they do, and how they make a difference is more important than any label anyone would put on them.
  3. World citizens care about the world.  The whole world.  Its betterment.
  4. They do not see you as a color or a nationality or a religious affiliation, to treat you fairly.  They see you as a human being.
  5. They are present.  Aware.  Observant.
  6. They will never judge you, but they might approve or disapprove of your actions.
  7. There biggest pet peeve is racism, discrimination, abuse, and unfairness, at the individual and the political level.
  8. They love to travel.
  9. They are friendly.
  10. They are curious.
  11. A healthy conversation for them is one where they learn something new: about you, the world, or anything else as long as it is something new and enriching.
  12. They love to learn new languages.
  13. They smile.
  14. They try to be positive.
  15. When others are running after fascist leaders or racist movements, they do not follow.  They will stand their ground and be a voice for fairness, love, and humanity.

Being around World Citizens is so enriching, positive, and fun.  Do you have world citizens around you? How do they make you feel?


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