Ten Things That Happen When We Criticize Others

  1. Our brains get smaller.  Since we are criticizing, we do not want to know or learn why someone is behaving in a certain way.  Since we already judged it, that means we do not need to understand.  Hence a smaller brain.
  2. Our ego gets bigger.  After a while, we notice we are really good at criticizing, and everyone is making mistakes, and we are catching them, so we must be perfect.
  3. We become less tolerant.  Since I know and they do not, and I am right and they are not, I do not have to tolerate their “incompetence.”
  4. We become agitated.  Since we cannot tolerate, we get angry and shaken.  We get imbalanced.  In that state, something will always feel wrong and we will not know what it is.
  5. We lose a grip on who we are.   Out of balance means not centered.  Which means you cannot be in touch with self.
  6. We start wanting everyone to be like us.  Because we are perfect and they are not.  At least we are more perfect than they are.
  7. We become obsessed with the righteousness as we see it.  Everybody else is too rigid or too loose or too much of this or that.  Nothing measures up to our standards.
  8. We hate. Since no one measures up, we start hating imperfection in people.
  9. We hurt.  When we hate, we start hurting those we hate, because they deserve it.  We hurt with negative words, gestures, and some times worse.
  10. We lose.  Because we now cannot see the beauty in all things, and the good in everyone.  We lose beauty, love, presence, and being.

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  1. Very true, it’s good to explain the other way around as well Ammar , how to indirectly send a message of positive cretisim, thnx

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