Office Bullying Causes Cardiovascular disease; plus ten amazing facts about bullying

We are always told to avoid unhealthy food, but seldom anyone talks about unhealthy work

environments.  Research shows thay Office bullying is one of the main reasons behind an unhealthy work place.  Recent studies show that it can cause all kinds of illnesses mentally and physically including cardiovascular disease.

Office bullying is a worldwide epidemic.  Almost everybody at the workplace has witnessed it or had been a victim of it.  However, little is done or understood about this very common problem.


Here are ten facts little known about Workplace Bullying:
1. One in five Employees in the United States had been a victim of bullying in the workplace. Three quarters of employees are aware of it. Which probably means it happens in most work environments.
2. High Turnover might be a sign of workplace bullying. So if people in a certain department keep resigning from a position, this could be a sign of a bully causing this turnover.
3. Most bullying is legal. Unless is includes discrimination. So you cannot turn to the law for protection. While employers must provide a safe work environment for their employees, however it is not easy to prove or demonstrate legally.
4. You stand to lose more than you gain if you report workplace bullying. Many report workplace

bullying victims are usually targeted for retaliation, or avoided for fear of being labeled anti establishment.
5. Quitting might be your best option. Trying to be a hero or brave and lose your health is not a wise choice. In many cases, leaving might be your best option. Your health should be a priority.
6. 72% of employers accept it, encourage it, and deny having it. Managers who do not


trust their employees, or believe them to be too spoiled or demanding, are more likely to allow bullying in the work environment. Surveys show that the majority of bullies are bosses. This might not be a shock, but it makes the situation especially difficult for the victim.
7. High Absenteeism is a sign of workplace bullying. Just like high turnover, if absenteeism is high, watch out for a bully causing this absenteeism. Talk to the employee to find out if this is happening.
8. Intentionally blocking employees from reaching potential is a form of bullying. This form of bullying is usually categorized as meanness, when in reality it is a form of bullying.
9. It is considered bullying only if the behavior harms you. This is a tricky point. So if you are not hurt by the behavior it is not bullying. It is tricky because what is considered bullying against one employee might not be bullying against another.
10. Women are subject to bullying more than men. But Men are less likely to report bullying. Men do not like to be victims of bullying and never admit it. So the numbers under reported.

The next article will talk about exactly what to do if you are the subject of office bullying.

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