How Strategic Are You? Take this Fun Quiz to Find Out!

There are many misconceptions about what strategy is. It is hard not to fall for some of these misconceptions. So how strategic are you? Take this quiz and find out.

This statement can be considered a strategy: “To be number one in the Midwest Market.”

The following statement can be considered a strategy: "My strategy to win the award is to be better than anyone else"

The following statement can be considered a good strategy: "We choose to work in multiple cultures, offering multiple products, in multiple styles"

A strategy is the competitive advantage of your company and thus must be kept a secret

A sign of bad strategy is competition making money on an opportunity your company chose to ignore

A good strategy must include clear goals and objectives.

Strategy is the goal, and the tactic is how you achieve it.

A strategy is a value proposition describing how our services result in benefits that meet our customer needs.

When it comes to strategy, companies often underestimate their strengths.

When formulating a strategy, it is important to focus all efforts on what we do best.

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    1. Good question. Strategy is how you plan to achieve your goals and objectives. So strategy is not the same as goals or objectives. Some mistaken their goals to be their strategy.

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