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Are you Being Bullied? Take this Quiz to find out!

Most employees have experienced bullying at the workplace. Are you being Bullied? Here is a questionnaire I found at to help you find out:

1. Do people intentionally ignore to praise you when you feel entitled for a praise?


2. Do others refuse to give you information that you really need?


3. Do people make negative comments about your looks, competence, or intelligence?


4. Do others make a point of showing you they are leaving when you enter the room?


5. Do others arrive late intentionally when you request their attendance to a meeting?


6. Are you wrongly accused of making deliberate mistakes?


7. Do others refuse to assist you?


8. Do your requests for action get delayed intentionally?


9. Do  you get subjected to mean pranks and jokes?


10. Do you get excluded from work-related social gatherings?


11. Are you subjected to derogatory name calling?


12. Are you the target of rumors or gossip?


13. Do others ignore your contributions?


14. Have you been put down or disrespected in front of others?


15. Do higher ranks show their status by putting you down or talking to you in a condescending manner?



16. Are you denied the opportunity to get feedback about your performance?


17. Do you get shouted at in a hostile manner?


18. Do others lie to you?


19. is someone trying to turn other employees against you?


20. Do people refuse to talk to you?


21. Do others have temper tantrums directed at you?


22. Are you unjustly denied a raise or promotion?


23. Are you prevented from expressing yourself?


24. Do your coworkers refuse to defend or align with your plans in front of others?


25. Do others consistently refuse to return your calls or respond to your emails?


26. Do people show you no sympathy when you are having a tough time?


27. Do you get treated in a disrespectful manner?


28. Do you get glared at in a hostile way?


29. Are you given unreasonable workloads or deadlines more so than your fellow coworkers?


30. Do others allow false rumors about you to be told in the workplace?


31. Are others deliberately sabotaging your work by denying you resources you need?


32. Do others impose themselves and interfere in your work activity?


33. Do others take credit for your work or ideas?


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