Are You a Good Communicator? Take This Short Quiz to Find Out!

Good communication skills are essential for success in both business and personal relationships. Check out this quiz I found on and see how effective your communication skills are.

1. Rapid responses are the best. If you know how you feel about a situation, don’t wait one minute to say so.


2. Your boss has criticized you in a way that seems arbitrary and unfair. What’s the best response?


3. Which of these is a key part of “active listening”?


4. When talking to a manager about an important issue, is it better to keep it brief and stick to the facts or to impress him or her with your vast knowledge of the situation?


5. Anger is an important negotiation tool. If someone sees your temper rise, they’ll probably back down.


6. You’re talking to a coworker who has a short attention span and the responsiveness of a brick wall. What’s the best course of action?


7. Which of the following is NOT a good rule of thumb for using e-mail?


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