Advanced Time Management – Not what you expect

In a 24 hour day, time management is a must, because there is not much one can fit beyond essentials,  let me prove it to you.

First, what are the essentials?

To reach your goals you have to take care of your mental and physical health. This is easier said than done given how much time this requires. Let us start by allocating time to these things we must do to take care of our wellbeing:

– Sleeping: 7-8 hours (Come on… you did not expect me to put six hours here. I mean if you use the rest of your day properly, you need your eight hours. But nonetheless, if you need just six, put down six, but I dont recommend it).
– Exercise: 1.5-2 hours. This is a must.
– Work: 9-10 hours. Even if you do 8, you will need the rest for commute, getting ready, etc.
– Meals: 1-1.5 hour.
– Reading: 0.5-1 hour.
– Prayer and meditation: 1-1.5 hours.

Depending on where you are on the ranges above, you might end up with zero to two hours free time daily. Get a pen and paper and do your own calculations of your time.  See how much is left.

Remember weekends are a bit better, but then we have to add groceries, shopping, and family and friends obligations, which probably does away with most of the extra hours available being off work.

So where does that leave us? We do not have too much time to waste. An hour watching TV here, an hour smoking hookah there, or an hour arguing with someone over something. Three good examples of wasted time. Not worth it. So the morale of the story here is do not waste time.. Not much time is there to waste.

One has to regularly check: “Am I you using time wisely? Am I happy with my choices? What needs to change?” Also ask yourself:  “Am I ready to change?” if not, what are you waiting for? There is not much TIME.

In summary, time management boils down to two main elements:
1. Make time for the essentials that help keep you healthy mentally and physically.
2. Make best use of whatever time remains beyond the essentials.

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