PPM vs PMP for Busy Professionals Seeking Certification

Vast majority (Some put the number at 80%) of the people who attend PMP exam preparation training end up not taking the exam. Why? Too busy with urgent work and personal matter that they never get to reading the PMBOK and taking thousands of practice exam questions to help them pass. The PMBOK at 400+ pages and the thousands of practice exam questions require a span of over a month to go over, if one has the time. So without having the time, getting to preparing for the exam is almost an impossibility.

Others have studied and did not pass the first time. Some of the online informal estimates talk about 50% pass rate the first time. This is very low, and people get disappointed and discouraged. Many even take it the second time and not pass. I was with a friend with 25 years experience as project manager who failed the exam twice. Needless to say he was very demoralized. He is an excellent project manager according to his employer, and has been steadily promoted in project management positions throughout his career.

So what other alternatives do professionals have to the PMP exam?
Case in Point, in cooperation with Simulation Powered Learning just launched a new certification: The Proficient Project Manager (PPM). This certification offers a certification training and examination program fully online.

The exam and the material are based on the PMBOK fifth edition, which makes it compatible with PMP exam material. So the same material for the PPM prepares candidates for the PMP exam as well.

The difference with the PPM Certification is that the exam is more directly from the PMBOK, and people do not find it as tricky as the PMP exam. Also, candidates who attend the online training can take the exam as many times as needed to pass. Ofcourse each time the candidate will get a different set of questions, randomly generated from a question database. There are no reexamination fees, and the online material can be repeated as needed.

The PPM course and certification come with a money back guarantee: if you fail to certify within three months, you can extend the training for another three months or get a full refund without any questions asked.


Is the PPM accredited? Yes. The PPM training and certification program is accredited by the reputable UK accreditation body: CPD www.cpdstandards.com (Certification pending final review at this time).

The PPM certification program offers a free trial, follow this link http://courses.caseinpointlearning.com/courses/ppm-certification-course-and-exam to try it for free and if you like it you can directly register online and start preparing for the PPM certification.

For the busy professional, the PPM can be a good alternative to getting the PMP, or a certificate to have until one has time to get the PMP certification.

Disclaimer: I am the trainer of the PPM program and owner of Case in Point Learning.

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