The 7 Tips Quiz for New Year Resolutions

Many have given up on new year resolutions. They are hurt by poor results, disappointments, and that resolutions rarely materialize. So, people give up on them altogether.

Take this quiz and find out if your way of building new year resolutions helps you succeed in achieving them.

1. Every year I should set my new year resolutions.


2. I set very high new year resolutions that are very hard to achieve.


3. I set doable improvements instead of big improvements in my resolutions.


4. I set multiple levels of success for my resolutions.


5. Not every goal should be measurable. Some goals like taking care of family and spending time with friends cannot be measured.


6. I should keep my resolution secret so that people do not know if I do not meet them.


7. I should be hard on myself if I don’t succeed in achieving my goals.


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