80/20 For Better Focus

Rule of 80/20
I like to focus more on things that deliver results, and stay away from time wasters. Pareto applies today maybe more than any other time: Look at where our time is spent: 20% of customers are resulting in 80% of growth. 20% of friends are wasting 80% of time. 80% of work delivers hardly 20% of results. So what to do? I think starting with the pain areas or the opportunities might be a good place to start. Here is what I am planning to do:

1) Check out the 20% of challenges that are causing 80% of the problems I am facing, then focus my efforts on resolving these, or staying away from people who are causing these problems. I will make sure I put only 20% of my time or less in dealing with these problems, or at least find faster and more effective ways to deal with these problems.

2) Then identify the 20% of opportunities that have the potential to deliver 80% of the results I am looking for. Focus 80% of my time on these opportunities.

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  1. I love the 80 20 principle.. .
    It applies to everything in life…i love the rule in organizations as indicated by Richard Koch in his book which seem a to b obvious in all organizations. It’s the vital few and the trivial many👍

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