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I am intrigued by the new wave of books out there that explores the human being from a spiritual angle.  This has drawn me to subjects like Sufism, Meditation, Breathing, Yoga, and Tai Chi.  It has drawn me to Quantum Physics and its amazing link between consciousness and reality.

Only a few years back, if someone said that what we are calling reality is a mere perception of what our mind makes us believe is real, he would be the target of ridicule and accusations of believing in old myths.

One of the books that I really enjoyed on the subject is “Quantum Enigma.” It is fascinating how brave scientists are stepping up now and confessing to the existence of things they cannot explain.  They are going beyond that to saying that most of what is out there they cannot explain, that their “Newtonian” look at the universe was an illusion and reality is even beyond our wildest imaginations.

Another book I really enjoyed was that of Bruce Lipton which talks about the Biology of Belief, which talks about new discoveries about the way the human body and mind function which cannot be explained by traditional medicine or science.

The amazing thing about these books and writers is that they are not radical off beat writers.  To the contrary, most of them come from main stream scientific fields (surgeons, biologists, physicists and professors) and they are telling us that we thought we knew but now we know that what we knew is a simplified even gullable interpretation of reality.

So who we are, and what is the truth are questions that are still out there for each of us to seek, and for any of us to find out.

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  1. I’ve been recently introduced to the science of Bio-Energy and its effect in healing stubborn and chronic diseases. This, I believe, is related in a way or another to what you’re talking about, Ammar.

    I’m introduced to this science through practitioners in Amman, and started using it for some close relatives of mine. Without digging into details, I feel divided over whether I should believe it or just dump it. Scientifically, I can imagine and absorb the mechanism to cure diseases with this science, which I knew to be Far-Eastern…

    At the end, where it is taking us, and why it is not prevalent, or more precisely not accepted, in our society, are questions still spinning in my head.

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