Cunning Deceiptful Manipulators – Who They Are

I call them CDMs for short.  Everyone at least knows one person who fits the bill.  luckily for some, they are aquaintances not close friends or family.  Unluckily for others they are very close people that you have to deal with daily.  If this happens, it is not necessarily bad.  looking at the brighter side, having one around teaches you a lot about who you really are.

CDM is a term I made up because I did not feel any existing personality disorder or term does not do these people justice in describing the evil that they do to their victims.

CDM stands for Cunning Deceiptful Manipulator.  From the name, it describes people who are cunning, they have evil plots that center around getting what they want regardless whether they might hurt someone else.  Deceiptful because to them their selfish ends they seek justify the means. Manipulators because they play on your emotions and weaknesses to get what they want.

I have had my share of CDMs since I was a child.  I had relative CDMs, coworker CDMs, friend CDMs.  I learned to try to stay away from these people as much as I can.  I mean I am as resourceful in trying to avoid them as they are resourceful in trying to hurt people.  However, I know that some of them I have to deal with because of other commitments and obligations that put me on their path frequently.  So, I had to find technimques to protect me from their wrath. Some were succussful and others were not, but I learned tremendously from the encounters especially about myself.

This is why I started this blog to share my experiences with others.  It is very tormenting to be under the spee

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