How To Deal With Negative People

Negative people are the toughest to deal with, especially that most are good at heart and have good traits, but are stuck in a negative vibe that they seem unable to shake.  It is not a fault or something to blame them for but it is what it is.  They act in a negative fashion.

Being a negative person is a state of mind more than anything.  This is a cause for hope as well as a cause for alarm.  If one is plagued with these negative feelings, knowing that they are just a state of mind will help one get over these feelings by countering them with positive thoughts and images, or by at least observing these feelings and accepting them, and then moving on.

The alarming part is that negativity has a dominoe effect.  If one is drawn into negative feelings often, they become the norm, and the mind adapts to thinking negative.  The body even starts getting used to making negative feeling hormones.  This is the reason why some seem negative all the time, and often for no apparent reason.  The body gets used to becoming negative.

It is noble to try and help a negative person come around, by helping them think and act positively.  However, one has to be careful as their mood can be contagious, if you are around them for  extended periods.  So, it is OK to try to help them, but you do not want to get sucked into their world.  If you feel negative after being around someone negative, try to take a break from them, remember the blessings God gave you for at least not being like them, and go do something that makes you feel good.

If you are a nice person and listen to these negative people, when many others would not, the negative person might try to seek you more often.  That is OK if you can help, but if you feel affected by their negative energy, keep the necessary distance to stay mentally healthy and stable.  Do not feel guilty for doing that, as you are doing it for your sake and his or hers.  Remember, you getting negative will not help anyone.

If you are having negative thoughts and we all do once in a while, remember that first of all you are normal.  The worst thing to do is to be unsatisfied with self for being negative.  Instead accept your feelings and observe how they affect your body and breathing.  Try to smile.  I sometimes break out laughing to help my body slow down the negative hormones and start making positive homrones.  I try to keep my mind busy with positive thoughts.  If that does not work, try doing a sport or something that you are good at.  Walking is excellent.

If you are a very sensitive person, expressing yourself artistically helps a lot.  Try to draw, writing, poetry, humming even, singing, all can make you feel better.

In general, surround yourself with positive people who smile a lot and encourage you a lot.  It is not selfish to pick company that makes you feel good.  You can volunteer some of your time to help those who are feeling negative, but you need to also protect your well being so you can help more.

One of the best picker uppers is prayer.  Not mechanically, but spiritually.  When praying, I believe the key to getting the benefit is being honestly seeking God’s help.  Pray slowly, feel every word you say, connect with the One.

Another great feel-good activity is doing good deeds.  Serving someone, a relative, a stranger, or any creature is a sure way to make you feel good.  Cleaning chores, routine, taking care of self, all will help you feel good.

There is no single formula for feeling good.  Luckily there are multiple ways and some work sometimes, other times other techniques work and so on.  This is part of the fun and understanding our humanity.

Finally, a smile on your face can convince your mind that you are happy.  So, keep smiling 🙂 and tell me how that works.

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