the blue pill

I was always intrigued by the matrix movie.  While it is considered science fiction, it carries a lot of truth about life.  If you have seen the movie, there was a scene where the actor tells the main character, Neo, that it is all “zeros and ones” that make up the matrix.  Its inhabitants see it as buildings, humans, roads, sunny day, etc, but it all boils down to zeros and ones.  Simulation games are the same.  Many are hooked on simulations.  Sim City, the Sims, etc.  zeros and ones turn into characters, situations, and “conditions.”

There is a saying of the prophet Mohammad peace be upon him that God said that giving everyone everything he or she wants would not reduce what God has.  In another saying, God says related to how easy it is for him to give “My giving are merely words.”  Another saying of the prophet Mohammad is that “if you knew earthly life for what it really is, you would laugh a little, then cry a lot.”  In the Quran, God says “And the earthly life is joy for those who are deceived by it.”

A couple of months ago, I went to a wise man with a question about why sometimes small silly things make us agitated.  He was kind in his answers and tried to comfort me that this is part of human nature.  However, part of what he said to me lingered.  He said “Someone who really understands life would never feel that way.”

A couple of weeks ago, while on vacation, I heard a jogger tell his fellow jogger”Happiness is a condition.” It lingered.  Happiness is a condition? is that true? is it related to what the wise man said to me earlier?

Back to the matrix, Morpheus gives Neo a choice, to take the red pill and see the matrix for what it is, or take the blue pill and go back to his “dreams” of reality.  Neo picked the red pill.  What do you pick? being content in knowing the truth? or joy of the ignorant who is oblivious to it?

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