Survey Results from the Organizational Readiness Study done by Method


I have just soft published results of a survey Method conducted about Organizational Readiness in having the proper processes and tools to perform their project management and operational functions, focusing mainly on the Middle East region organizations.  We had an encouraging number of participants (161) respond to the survey, representing organizations from countries spanning the region.  I wanted to share the interesting results with my readers.  Please find below the conclusions from the survey.  If you would like to get a copy of the complete survey results, send me an email to

Survey Conclusions:

Before looking at the conclusions it is important to note that organizations are usually too optimistic in assessing their level of organizational maturity, whether as far as processes or software tools.  This is evident to  Method from its extensive experience and known by consultants who carry out organizational assessments and audits.  Still, results of this survey can shed good light on organizational maturity of organizations even with keeping this bias in mind.

Below are the main conclusions based on our interpretation of the data:

–          Almost one third of respondents reported that their organizations rarely follow documented Project Management Processes.  This is in contrast to around 39% of respondents reporting that their organizations on the other side of the spectrum; mostly following documented project management processes.  This leaves almost another one third half way in the middle, between lack of standardization and good level of standardization.  To us, this signals that there is still a lot of improvement work organizations have to do to improve their processes standardization on the project side, including documenting processes and consistently applying them on projects.

–          Organizations seem to be paying more attention to documenting and implementing processes on their operational side more than on their projects.  This shows the need for organizations to focus more on their project management processes not only on their operational processes.

–          Organizations are also paying more attention to deploy the necessary software on the operational side more on the project management side.  This shows the need for organizations to focus more on their project management software needs.

–          Only one fifth, roughly, of respondents indicated that their companies have most of the necessary processes and software in place and implemented across the organization.  The rest of the organizations still suffer from major gaps either on the project or operational side as far as processes and/or software necessary for their projects and operational success.

–          An encouraging 85% of respondents perceived that their organizational improvement initiatives whether process or software related initiatives were successful and resulted in implementation of improvements on actual work.

The survey results show that organizations focus more on operational side of business rather than project management side, whether for process or software. Nevertheless, less than half of organizations who documented processes and deployed a tool are really using it, whether for the operations side of business or project management side.

Additionally, the survey results show that there is higher maturity in the operational side of business than the project management side and organizations reach readiness on operations side before project side of business.

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