Predicting Performance; is it possible?

predicting performance

Last two years of research into Talent Development and Talent Analytics were a true learning experience.  It took me away from my normal routine, including blogging. Nonetheless it was an eye opener: Talent Development and Predicting Performance are at the forefront of organizational development. Ask any manager and they will tell you there pains related to hiring, developing, and retaining talent.

As a business owner and manager for most of my career, I can relate.  Talent is the key asset for organizations today.  Without it, an organization is stripped of its ability to operate, grow, and compete.  In today’s competitive world there is no room for complacency.  Even bigger organizations are being humbled and sometime to their demise, due to their inability to develop and manage talent.

Talent development is not a new subject.  It has always been part of the HR quest.  However, it is going through major changes lately.

On the learning front, as an example.  Traditional learning is facing major challenges.  HR managers are frustrated with the low return on investment they are getting from training.  Research is showing that traditional training hardly adds 5% to a participant, as far as what they retain from training.  Companies are becoming skeptical of training providers and trainers.  There are many issues contributing to the training problem.  I am not planning to get into that here.  What is important is that companies have had it with status quo and they want a rapid solution.  A hack, of some sort.

Same on the recruitment and retaining of employees issue.  Companies are finding that traditional recruiting remains a guessing game.  You never know what you really are getting until you try the resource.  This “Trying” requires that you take the employee on board for months.  In some cases years, before you can determine if they are fit or not.  By that time many opportunities are lost, in addition to resources spent building the capacity of the new employee.  Only to find out they are not up to the role.  So here also companies are looking for the “hack.”

In the old days, we used to say” “There are no quick solutions.” Well.  Today to the amazement of many, we are finding out that there actually are “quicker” solutions.  Hacks if you will.  That are taking advantage of the latest in Neuroscience, Big Data, Simulation Technology, to help build talent, retain it, and make best use of it.

In the coming articles I am planning to talk about some of the findings from my research, and some of the ideas that companies can use, as well as employees, to improve performance, build talent, and do it faster.

Stay tuned.

Thank you for reading.


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