“What is wrong with people these days???” The answer might surprise you…

 “People have changed a lot lately. You cannot trust anyone outside your tight inner circle. People lie, twist the truth, and stab you in the back to get what they want.”  If this statement sounds like something you would say or agree with, I urge you to reconsider.  Even if this was true, this might not be the best way to look at it. Let us do a quick test.

Your world is a reflection of you.  And the first step to change the world is to change how you look at yourself.  To change your thinking and attitude.

Otherwise, if one insists the world has to change and one can do nothing about it, you fall into complacency and negativity.  This is so easy to do.  Self sometimes wants to feel like a victim.  Like a “doing” of others.  “When others change work will improve, life will improve, the country will improve.” But if you ask a person how they are contributing to the status quo,

In List A below, Do you find yourself saying statement similar to List A statements?

List A:

  1. “No one cares about work except me. If I was not there all work will go to hell and nothing will get done.”
  2. “I am not appreciated enough compared to the amount of work I am doing.”
  3. “People take advantage of me because I am good hearted”
  4. Many people have betrayed my trust, and took my work as theirs and never gave me credit”
  5. “Many stole my idea and started successful projects”
  6. “It is hard to find a good friend these days”
  7. “It is hard to find a good employee these days.”

Now please consider List B below.  Would these statement serve you better than List A?

List B:

  1. “With the challenges people are facing, I can reap great value If I learn to manage the team and stakeholders properly”
  2. “I must recognize people around me and the hard work they do.”
  3. “ I am grateful to the many people who have helped me succeed. I hope I helped others succeed too.”
  4. “I get lots of good ideas from the people around me.”
  5. “I am so happy for my friends who built successful businesses. I am happy to be part of their success story.”
  6. “I would like to be more proactive into turning my ideas into reality. This is my responsibility and I need to learn to get better at it.”
  7. People are so busy with many priorities on their agenda. Even if they do not have enough time for me on their busy schedule, they are still good friends.”
  8. “I need to build a win-win setup for my team; they build skills to boost their performance and I get better results.”

Statements in list A and list B can be used to describe very similar if not identical situations.  But which list one chooses affects the wellbeing in the long term.  It is a reflection of how one feels about self and others. Just going over list A is draining energy.  List B in contrast gives energy.

Everybody once in a while might choose list A statements.  But try to make that the exception not the rule.  This is doable with practice and careful observations of what we tell ourselves and others about the world around us.

So now your choice: LIST A OR LIST B for you?

Check out my video on same subject from my YouTube channel below:

Comments (3)

  1. I’m sorry , I wished to be the List B, but according to what I see in any company, any type of work, people become harder to deal with, rarely barely to find someone to help you or teach you to do your new tasks , on the contrary they will frustrate you in order not to succeed.
    Thank you

    1. You might be correct but I urge you to reconsider the way you see things not change how things are. This is not for the benefit of the people around you but for your own personal benefit, growth and well-being. It is not easy especially if you are in an unsupportive environment but I wish you the best of luck!

  2. There are bullies in this world and they are a reflection of themselves, not me. This sounds an awful lot like victim shaming. Sometimes, people are just downright rude, cruel and mean. It has nothing to do with you.

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