Will your PMO Survive? Take this short Quiz to Find Out

75% of Project Management Offices (PMOs) fail within three years. A PMO is a unit in the organization that supports the success of the projects in that organization. It is a very strong trend worldwide to start a PMO in the organization to ensure projects are successful. But unfortunately most PMOs fail. But the important question is:
*** Will your PMO make it against these tough odds? Take this quiz to assess your chances.


Our PMO governance is:



Our PMO head / manager is:



PMO was created because:



The PMO Architecture (What it will do, how it will function, and what resources it will need) is:



The main PMO support comes from:



Role – Based Training in project management was given to:



PMO software used is:



PMO relationship with other departments:



When PMO has a different opinion on how to proceed:



How PMO is seen at organization:


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