Three breaths between stressed YOU and calmer YOU

You might be too busy to go to the gym, do Yoga, or go for a walk, but you cannot be too busy to breathe. Research shows that you can dramatically improve your health using your breath.

Here are three breaths you can do every day that will make you happier, calmer, more confident, and less stressed.  All these are proven, tried, and work like magic.  The first is the most basic.  The second is simple enough.  But the third requires some practice but in itself does not take too much time.  But it will give you the challenge to master:

  1. Take a deep slow conscious breath through the nose and out through the nose slowly and calmly.  See how you feel after one breath.  See how you feel after five.  During the day, try to remember to take one of these once in a while.  The more the better, but even one a day will make a difference.
  2. Try to breathe in from below not above the diaphragm.  ie from your stomach, not chest.  to learn how just place a hand on your chest and another on your stomach.  When you breath in and out the hand on your stomach should be moving not the one on your chest.  Breathing at top of lungs is associated with stress in the mind.  So when you take a deep breath from the chest, your mind will translate that as a stressful situation, and tense up your body.  Instead, take a slow calm breath from your stomach.
  3. Sifu Dough Floto taught me this one: Two counts inhale, two counts exhale.  Once you are comfortable with that, go to four counts inhale and four counts exhale.  You can stop at that, or if you can make them six, then eight, etc.  See where you go.  You will improve every day if you do this daily.  But remember no forcing or rushing.  Let things take their due course.

How was it?

Please share your experiences with these exercises so others benefit and learn.

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