High IQ is not all good, Beware of these Problems High IQ people might have

Having a high IQ is a gift. Among other things, it has the following great advantages:
1) Faster and easier learning.
2) The ability to excel at anything you put your mind to.
3) Confidence.
4) Wittiness
5) Leadership

But High IQers beware! It is not all good when it comes to high IQ.
Watch out for the following challenges that usually come with a high IQ:

1) Looking for complicated answers: The simple answer does not suffice when you have a high IQ. Many successful business people are average intelligence and do better than their high IQ counterparts. They seek simple answers. Sometimes highly intelligent people want a challenge when it comes to solving problems and they end up complicating things.

2) Making stupid mistakes: This comes from the fact that knowledge alone is not enough to make good decisions. Experience might be more important. A study shows that high IQ people are too confident in their abilities. So, they think they cannot make a mistake. So, they make many. While high IQ might result in ability to learn, but knowledge cannot replace wisdom.

3) Going against the norms: High IQ individuals always want to excel. So, they seek to go off the beaten track. They know they are different, so they will not settle for “normal” results, job, house, friends, etc. This results in more mistakes because of going too often outside the beaten path.

4) Overthinking: This is very common among high IQ and overachievers. They think about everything. So, things that are taken for granted or as the normal thing end up taking a lot of their thinking and time: “Why is this done this way?” or “Why are people doing that?” etc. Overthinking means also over analyzing every situation, whether worth it or not. This ends up putting lots of mental stress on High IQ individuals. No wonder research shows that they step up longer hours than their counterparts.

5) Feeling like you don’t belong: When you go all through life people telling you that you are better than everybody, that takes a toll on you. First, you start believing that you are better. Second, you start getting frustrated that people are too slow, or take too much time to understand you. This increases the frustration of High IQers and leads to even more stress.

Still, many companies base their hiring on IQ tests, ignoring multiple research that shows that IQ is not enough for success.
Many soft skills like communication, leadership, empathy, and emotional intelligence might be as important if not more important.

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  1. I don’t really agree with most of the points stated, having a high IQ , simplifies approach to many problems by reviewing different scenarios in a short time. Everyone makes mistakes, smart or not so smart, mistakes are committed because of improper implementation of a process and has nothing to do with IQ. High IQ people could care less about materialistic elements, what are you’re describing here in narcissism and its actually the void of being intelligent more less smart. on point 4, I seriously question this fact, since we all know the old saying (measure twice and cut once) meaning assess well before your embark… and that is not an abnormal behavior, on the last point, you really got me… of course you need to surround yourself with some intellect, but that doesn’t mean you shun and ignore the regulars who are family, friends, colleagues and so forth

    1. Dear friends,as you know there are different scales of IQ with different perceptions and the environment each of us have been living will be personal and unique so who knows how we see the world from inside each one? Any generalization may not be accurate.We can have difficulties of communication in between us and with others and it is frustrating somehow.We have now the net to find good conversations with suitable interlocutors so please if we are so intelligents why not try to put the effort and the best of us in finding something to do for the common benefit of the other persons,as much as we can achieve,high IQ´s or not.(¨It is difficult to believe that our thoughts are as silly as ours but may be is like that¨ ) I hope you like this Chinese proverb.Good luck.

  2. These points are true to some degree about high IQ people, and they could also apply some of the time to others who are lower on the scale. I know I’m guilty of frequently overthinking.

    That said, I’d rather have the problems from higher intelligence instead of lower intelligence.

    Intelligence with a decent amount of humility goes a long way.

  3. This article wasn’t written by someone who has to deal with communicating with people 2G less intelligent than they are. This was someone who has dealt with the MENSA crowd of moderately high intelligence that tell everyone who will listen that they are somewhat smarter.
    MENSA is more for the people that think they’re intelligent, and have to have something to prove to someone.
    ” When you go all through life people telling you that you are better than everybody, that takes a toll on you.”
    No, Geniuses were trotted around their entire childhood by less-intelligent parents and family as a showpiece – to community and even on television, and in their older years generally do not seek the attention of others beyond that the work they do meets the need.

  4. I understand your point here, and I’m relieved to report that I haven’t fallen into most of the mentioned issues, likely because being grounded and well-rounded has always been important to me. But neither was I ever paraded around as some gifted child, nor did anyone ever tell me I was gifted. I had to read about it in my older age when I started getting frustrated with the dumbing down of our society. However, I do tire of those who admonish overthinking. We need a lot more thinking today about things that most are taking for granted – and I happen to specialize in simplifying the complex. While others may have the opinion that I overthink, I do not. I enjoy thinking. What I consider worthy of my thinking is part of the joy of being free to choose. Worth is in the mind of the thinker.

  5. As a Mensan, maybe just learning the right balance between self-belief and demonstrating humility / “dialling it down” is the thing. Having a high IQ makes things in general much easier, just learning to query applying it and also applying process to build out those cocky errors. Probably best to just not tell people and get on with stuff being easier for you than for others.


  6. Generally, people with higher IQs don’t overthink things as often as people with slightly above/upper average-below average IQs because they are able to more finely distinguish how to look at/go about a challenge/problem. They generally know how much thinking they need to put into solving each problem.

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