750 Words to Clear Your Mind from Clutter!

You wake up in the morning, and thoughts start rushing into your mind: ideas, people you will meet, things that you are anxious about and much more. So much noise. Same thing happens as you go to bed. Thoughts are racing as you are trying to sleep. Imagine if you could sit and write away these thoughts, so you take them off your mind, and onto paper or storage space. This is basically the idea behind journaling.

A few days ago I was explaining a technique to a colleague to help him sleep. He cannot stop thinking about work at night. Basically, he needed a piece of paper and a pencil next to his bed. Every time a thought lingered in his mind, he sits and writes it on paper and agrees (with his mind) that he will attend to it tomorrow, but for now he wants to sleep. It worked for him and according to him it was the best sleep he had in months.

Many studies and experiences support this: get things off your mind and onto a piece of paper or in a journal. It will clear your mind, reduce worry and stress, and makes you happier.

I like a site online called 750 words where you journal privately online whatever comes to mind. The idea is that 750 words journaling can make you happier, more productive, and focused.
Another nice feature of the site is that it analyzes your mood, thoughts, feelings, orientation, and much more from your writings. So you can track your mood, emotions, and thoughts over time and learn a lot in the process.

The nicest thing about journaling is that it is for you. It is not intended for anyone else. So you can put anything that comes to mind without worrying about composition, words, or privacy. It is your journal. It is very easy. Just write what comes to mind. If you dare of course. It takes courage actually to allow the thoughts out of your mind and onto the journal. As you do that, remember to keep it authentic; no one else will see this. So you do not have to make it look good or impressive.

I cannot share what I write, but sometimes I start with just a word. Then another. They do not have to be related. They are what comes to mind. Then sentences start coming out. some are related. Others do not seem to be. Sometimes I log ideas I have about the business. What my thoughts are about what I am doing. How I feel about my work. Sometimes I log about my fears. What they are. How they might play out or they might not play out. I also like to write about things that bother me or get on my nerves. Also things I like and make me happy.

Sometimes the writing is slow. Sometimes it flows so easily. Either way it feels good to translate thoughts to words on a journal. So liberating. Try it out and let me know your experience.

Happy journaling 🙂

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