Is Your Work Causing You Stress? Take This Short Quiz to Find Out!

The first step in managing stress in our lives can be to realize and admit stress. Check out this quiz I found on the website of the American Institute of Stress (
This quiz helps you realize whether your work is causing you stress and to what extent.

Note: for each question, you will find a (1-10) rating scale, with the following description:


Select a number from the scale which best describes you.

1. I can’t honestly say what I really think or get things off my chest at work.


2. My job has a lot of responsibility, but I don’t have very much authority.


3. I could usually do a much better job if I were given more time


4. I seldom receive adequate acknowledgement or appreciation when my work is really good.


5. In general, I am not particularly proud or satisfied with my job.


6. I have the impression that I am repeatedly picked on or discriminated against at work.


7. My workplace environment is not very pleasant or safe.


8. My job often interferes with my family and social obligations, or personal needs.


9. I tend to have frequent arguments with superiors, coworkers or customers.


10. Most of the time I feel I have very little control over my life at work.


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