Do You Know When to Be Authentic? Take This Quiz to Find Out!

“Be yourself.”

“The leader in you must shine.”

“Share with others how you feel.”

“Be authentic.”

All is given as good advice, or is it? All the above are misleading statements that lead to in-authenticity.
Do you know what it really means to be authentic? Take this quiz and find out.

1. You take on a new position and it is new to you and many people in the department are more capable than you to handle the position. You should admit shortcomings.


2. You feel afraid about the future of the department. You should share this fear with team members.


3. You feel your company was not fair with raises. Your team come and complain. You should tell them they deserve the raises but it is out of your control.


4. You feel your company was not fair with raises. You go to management and express your feelings.


5. The client was not happy with the behavior of your management and you are an onsite resource for the client. You should tell the client you see his point of view.


6. There are many risks surrounding the project you are leading. You tell the team that there are many risks we have to be careful about on this project and they are dangerous risks.


7. You are the team leader and you are uncomfortable with the way one of your team member handled a situation. You have to share with him how you feel.


8. When dealing with a specific problem with a team member’s behavior, you have to confront clearly and candidly, showing your emotions as they are.


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