Build Self-Confidence using MAIT – Step 4: Take Positive Action to Resolve the Situation

Building confidence by making sound conclusions is important for a business professional and the MAIT technique identifies how to do that in four steps.

Previous posts covered steps one through three:
1) Mitigate the subjective response
2) Articulate true statements
3) Identify value adding statements

Step 4: Take positive action

will be addressed in this post.

Take positive action means actions that constructively improve on the situation. These can be emotional or actual responses. They are built on the value adding statements picked in step 3.

So in the example of the client not signing off on a deliverable, which we used in the previous post (step 3), what positive action can come out of the statements we identified in step 3? There are quite a few:

– Meet with client to identify real reason behind not signing.
– Find out what you can do to convince the client to sign.
– Find innovative ways to show the client his or her interest in signing on the deliverable.

All these are concrete steps you can take and all of them are positive steps.

Also, you must take care of the emotional side of the situation and make self assuring statements to keep self confidence high. Statements like:

– Things usually get worked out in situations like this, one way or the other.
– We both want things to work out.
– I have been through similar situations and i know how to handle it. etc…

These statements help you put things in perspective, be ready to deal with the situation in a positive manner, while focusing on the positive actions that you can take.

Try the technique. Those who tried it say it made there thoughts clearer, their emotional state clearer, and helped them more objectively deal with situations, leading to higher self confidence. I would appreciate your input on how this worked for you.

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