Build Self-Confidence using MAIT – Step 3: Identify Value Creating Statements

This is part 3 of a 4 part series about building self-confidence when making conclusions about situations we face and making sure we learn from them and have a positive experience.

Step 3 is about identifying value creating statements. Value creating statements must come from statements made in step 2.

All step 2 statements as we said in previous post (part 2) must be true statement made without uncertainty. In step 3, we look at these statements and determine which of them can help us create a value adding response to the situation.

For example, If a client refuses to sign off on a deliverable, this can cause major problems for the supplier. The supplier can get emotional, which will blind his judgment and lead to wrong conclusions that will hurt the situation and make it worse for both sides. Instead, the supplier must go through the two steps we mentioned earlier: 1) Mitigate the subjective response by acknowledging emotions arising from the situation. Then 2) Articulate true statements about the situation. Here are three true statements about the situation that we can make:

Statement 1: The client refused to sign off on the deliverable.
Statement 2: Something is causing the client not to sign.
Statement 3: The client will sign if the cause for not signing goes away.
Statement 4: The client and I must deal with each other on fair basis in solving this problem.
Statement 5: The client wants what is best for him.

Of the above all true statement created from step 2, the supplier must ask: which of these statements can help create a value adding response? Statements 3, 4, and 5 can give us clues on how we can go about resolving this issue.

So these statements can be a good place to start looking for a positive way to deal with the situation. Which is the next and final step 4: Taking positive action towards resolution.

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