The Freelance Revolution

Imagine the office becoming virtual, literally. to talk to anyone in the office, you need your mobile, not to call, but to go into the office, You click on “The Office” and click on the person you want to interact with, the mobile asks you how do you want to interact: face to face, phone call, message or email, you decide you have not talked to John for so long, you decide to just “drop by” so you choose face to face, There he is! He was happy you “came by” and he wants to show you something on his screen, immediately you click on the “see John’s screen” link, and you discuss about the new design John is proposing, you want to show it to Ahmed so you call on Ahmad to join the conversation.
Virtual Conference

Technology has been there for this user experience to happen, It just was not as available, user-friendly, and high quality as it is today.

What will happen to the office as we are approaching the point where physical contact at the office is not needed in 90% of the time?

Are we adapting to the changes?

There are major changes at work coming and many are not paying attention. Personally, I do not think I am paying enough attention and I am in the business of helping organizations stay up to date with the digital transformation.

What will be the difference between the freelancer and the full-time employee? between the employee working from home and that working from the office? will there be an office anymore? what will happen to the human touch and personal physical face to face communication?

Imagine when machines start giving us meaningful business alerts about how employees are performing, projects are progressing, and markets are evolving? If we are able to bring in the machine to do all this for us, what is the role of the human work force?

One thing for sure, those who are not paying attention, stepping up, and rethinking their business ways will be left behind.

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