What If You Couldn’t Fail – Four Things That Are Preventing You from Answering This Question

This is an important strategic question to help you identify your real passion. Fear cripples and prevents us from pursuing our real aspirations in life.Avoid failure So what if you couldn’t fail? What would you do? Before we attempt to answer this question, we need to know why it is hard to give an answer right away.  There are four reasons all related to fear:

  1. First we have to dare ask this question. Not an easy feat. We are so used to look at the limitations, the needs, and the responsibilities. So we cannot all of a sudden ignore all that and think “Big”. It will take some assurances first. So here is the most important assurance: remember that you do not have to do anything beyond finding the answer. You do not have to execute it. So why not dream. As we grow older we are afraid to dream, and that is obstacle number 2.
  2. So dreaming becomes something to feel guilty about as we grow older. Dreaming is for children, not for us grown ups, unless we are talking nightmares, then we can have those, because they are also a product of fear.
  3. The third obstacle is disappointment in the inability to act upon the answer that we give to “what if you couldn’t fail?” Then we might be sad and even depressed that we have not pursued our passion.
  4. The fourth obstacle is not having time to think strategically. We are just too busy with things we must do.

Here is the good news: all it takes is a piece of paper and a pen, and write down what you will do. If you wish something, sometimes destiny will take you to it. Especially if you are going to create something of value. If it does not work out that is good too, because you are destined for something better even if you do not see it that way.
Finally, get a pen and a paper, and go crazy. Consider it a game. Consider it a joke. Anything you like. And now, “if you were not afraid, what would you do?”

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