Fresh Grads: This is how you land the best jobs

How to land the best jobs as a fresh graduate

For entry-level positions, salaries can vary by up to three or four times for the same profession or even the same graduating class.  Some cannot even find work.  The question is: What differentiates those who get higher salaries and better opportunities from others less fortunate?  In other words, what can help your career along?
You do not have to possess them all, but the more you have of them the better; Here are the,

top ten determinants of your salary and career potential.

Determinants of your salary and career potential

  1. Positive Attitude: They dont spend too much time criticizing and hating their bad luck or criticizing the status quo.
  2. Confidence: They believe in themselves.  They believe they are good enough.
  3. Fluency in two or more languages
  4. Network: A good network will bring you opportunities from everywhere and everybody.
  5. I-Can attitude: They believe they can do things. They are not afraid of not being able to get things done.
  6. Solution Finder: While some people look for problems, these high achievers look for solutions.
  7. Excellent Grades: While not the only prerequisite, but doing well in school helps in getting a good career and a good salary.  This is however not the case with entrepreneurs and business people; Average or below average students can outshine their top of class peers.  This is not scientifically proven but just an observation.
  8. Digitally Savvy (Cloud, Mobile, Social, Analytics, IOT, etc.): They are comfortable with new technology, the internet, and with researching and finding the latest and greatest out there and applying it to what they do.
  9. Persistent: They do not take no for an answer.  They keep trying.  They do not give up easily.
  10. Tactful: They have good communication skills.   Even if some of them are on the shy or not so talkative side, but they know how to carry themselves as decent people in a conversation.

On the other side of the spectrum, beware of these problematic areas for fresh grads.  Stay clear of these,

top ten reasons for failing to land jobs

  1. Poor self confidence: They do not believe in their abilities.  It shows through their lack of action.  They might not apply for a job just because they think it is impossible for them to get it.
  2. Poor tactfulness and inability to speak in a genuine yet sophisticated manner: They do not come across as capable and genuine when they speak.
  3. Lack of self awareness: They do not have a clear understanding of themselves.
  4. Negative outlook: They do not think good things will happen to them.
  5. Fear of success: Everyone wants to succeed but some are afraid of success because they believe it is impossible or too difficult or not worth it. So they settle for mediocre work so they do not have to deal with tough choices brought about by success.
  6. Fear of failure: Some are afraid to try and fail.  So they do not try.
  7. Inferiority complex: they feel they are inferior to their peers.
  8. Do not read books: They seldom read a book.
  9. Not bi or trilingual: They are not fluent in any other language but their mother tongue.
  10. Low ambition: They do not have an outrageous long term goal.

What helped you early in your career and what hindered your job search?  Tell us in this one-minute survey 

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