Why you should never “Do Your Best”

“I will do my best.” The worst thing that you can say to yourself or others.  This sentence lacks focus.  It is a sad insecure statement.  So, if you really care about getting the job done, please do not do your best.

“..this mentality is setting itself up for failure.”

Why do people say “I will do my best.” ?  Think about the mentality behind it: “I have certain abilities and skills, and there are certain circumstances surrounding the situation.  So, given my skills and the circumstances, I will do it and we see if I succeed or not.  But whether I succeed or not, rest assured that I will do my best.”  I do not know about you, but this mentality is setting itself up for failure.  So even if it does not work, what ever I am trying to do, I did my best, so, no problem.  What a sorry state of mind!

“What else do you want me to say?” people wonder.  I do not want you to say anything, I want you to get it done, whatever the task is.  Saying I will do my best is a reflection of the weakling in you wanting to stay safe.  No.  Defeat that sucker.  He/She is so afraid to fail so he/she is telling you and others that if I do my best and fail it is OK.  It is not OK. You are better than that.

“..Build the right circumstances and skills and GET-IT-DONE.”

Whoever gave you the task, does not want you to do your best.  Honestly, they do not.  What else do they want? They want the job done.  End of story.  So saying “I will do my best” means that my focus is on my abilities, and not on getting the job done.  It is a sign of being so limited by what one can do.  What if the job requires that you go beyond your best? Are you going to put the time and effort to get it done? That is what matters.   What if the job requires you to think abstract, and you are a detailed person.  Doing your best will get you into your old detail oriented think patterns and you will not succeed. What if what you do best is using a hammer, for example.  I ask you to tighten a screw.  You have never tightened a screw before, for the sake of argument.  If you go in with the mentality of “I will do my best,” you will hammer that screw in and mess up the whole situation.   I don’t care about your best. You should not care either.  Look at what is required to get the job done.  Build the right circumstances and skills and GET-IT-DONE.


But why do we hold on dearly to this statement? “I will do my best.”? Because it keeps us in our comfort zone.  It does not require us to go out into the discomfort of having to look outward into what will get something done; “What if I cannot?” “What if I find out I do not have the abilities?”  So I go into a shrug and say “I will do my best.” Right? Wrong! No no no! Do not do your best.  Get the job done.  Go beyond your best.  Look outward.  Learn about what the world needs, and stop being so self conscious.

So next time someone asks you to do something, you either say I will do it, or I will not, but do not say I will do my best.

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