Thank you stranger and a happy Ramadan to all

Place: Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia. Time: Ramadan 2019 – Day 8 – A few minutes before Iftar (an Islamic term coined for food you eat to break your fast at sunset during the fasting month).

I was sat in a restaurant waiting for the Maghrib adhan (it is the time at sunset where you can break your fast), when a man came into the restaurant and the host told him he had to wait fifteen minutes for his food. I was across the dining area and heard the conversation. I made a hand gesture inviting him to my table as my food was already served and I was also eating alone, which is common for me when I travel on business. He appreciated the invitation but thanked me and declined. I got up and brought him a plate of dates off my table. Dates are a common food to break the fasting. He smiled, took the plate, and thanked me. I thought that was the end of it.

I went back to my table, took my time eating as I usually do. I forgot all about it until he said “Salam Aleykum (Peace be upon you).” Apparently, he finished eating and was heading to the restaurant door. I returned the greeting: “Wa Alaykum Assalam.” He left. I did not make much of it. Finally, when I was done eating, I asked the waiter for the bill. He said the gentleman from the other table already paid for your Iftar.

Please join me to thank my incognito host in the comments below and please share stories about human decency that you have experienced.

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