What the Red Fox, the Kookaburra and the Coronavirus Have in Common – a True Story

I live on the northernmost tip of Amman, in a very urban hilly area with no woods whatsoever.  Almost daily, when it is early in the morning.  A short burst of  human-like screams, silence, then again the same screeching sound.  Obviously it is an animal not a human, but what is it?

This has been going on for a month now, since the Coronavirus lockdown started.  I have been hearing the sound daily.  If you are like me surrounded by buildings and houses everywhere, to hear the sound of what seems like a wild animal is not a common thing.  The curious part of me had to Google it; and it seems to be the sound of a red fox. 

Now it made more sense.  Going back in time to ten years ago, when the area was not as crowded, I had three or four encounters with a possible culprit.  An animal that looked like a medium size dog, but longer, with a more distinct head figure and a longer neck and distinct beautiful tail.  Once, at dawn, I saw it with its cubs.  But I never heard its sound.  I am glad it is still here and prospering.  

This lockdown seems to affect the behavior of animals and birds.  One thing I noticed during the lockdown is the sounds of wildlife outside being more distinct. This morning I saw what looked like a Kookaburra outside the kitchen window sitting on the ledge.  It probably is not a Kookaburra but looked like it but with a smaller beak.  It was not more than 3 meters away.  A beautiful bird. Looked like this one.

Anyone knows what it is?

One wonders what the animals make of this lockdown.  Do they notice that humans are not out and about as often?  Maybe they are happy to have more space for themselves without being intimidated by human presence, noises, and cars.  Or maybe they miss us.  Who knows.

Have you noticed animals behaving differently at all during this period? Tell us your story.

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