Talent Analytics Assessment

Each one of us has a “Performance DNA” that affects how you deal with Problems, People, Change, and Rules.  By understanding your performance DNA, you can build your career and achieve your goals capitalizing on your strengths.  All of us face challenges, but few know that these challenges are related to our “Performance DNA” and they are actually a manifestation of our strengths.  With this positive outlook on self and abilities, one can be realistic about potential, and at the same time clearer on how one can achieve goals.

I use a very accurate assessment that takes only 20 minutes online.  It utilizes the latest and greatest in People Analytics to get you levels of accuracy reaching upword of 96%.  I use this level of assessment for my clients who believe their understanding of self is key to their advancement and ability to understand and deal with others.

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The following video shows what to expect during the assessment and what the results look like and how they can help you achieve your goals.

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